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Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
The project to renovate house number three was in fact to breathe new life into a building in an old, soulless body. The use of materials such as concrete, red brick, iron and glass is a beautiful combination of the use of traditional and modern materials in a building, which was a great alternative to the cold and uniform stone facade of the house in the past. The brick form has been designed and executed in accordance with the large windows in the main facade of the building. The minimalist look with red brickwork and warm color tonality has created a sense of vitality for the observers.
A noteworthy point in this house is to pay attention to the use of energy and prevent its loss, which shows that it takes about 25% of the energy lost through windows and doors. In this house, the windows in the main view come out as a box. To be. They are covered with a sheet of galvanized punch, which reduces air flow in the cold season.

Tehran, Iran

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Applicant and author of the project
Ali Lavasani


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