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About the project
The project for the new proposed neighborhood is hinged on the words modularity and intimacy. We have tried to answer at all the four macro questions required by the competition program through the idea to pursuits a domestic architecture.
Modularity, which has the positive side of being able to manage to build the entire neighborhood quickly, it also has the potential to expand the neighborhood in successive stages.
A spatial hierarchy is proposed that allows at the future citizens to recognize the character of the different urban areas. A plaza has been identified that can be the meeting point in everyday life but also for temporary neighborhood events (e.g. Christmas market, the weekly market, etc.).
The building material chosen is wood. This is to ensure a certified control of the production of the material. It also has the added value of a dry construction system which allows both a quick construction of the structure and an easy modification of the building during its life.

London, the UK

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Applicant and authors of the project
Architecture studio led by architect Samuel Quagliotto with the aim of imagining and building architectures that know how to outline those comfortable daily scripts.
At the heart of the design there is a method that combines theory with practice through a research process. This in order to be able to define a modern architecture that is deeply linked to that architecture that he defined as a specific culture.
Architects Samuel Quagliotto, Martina Tocco