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Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The house is a set of split-level units composed of brick-concrete structure of 110 square meters. We hope to try more crafts and experiments in the design. The cantilevered unsupported black walnut oval dining table is embedded in the rough brick wall structure column, connecting the kitchen workbench and the living room. The second floor is a 4.5 m high sloping roof attic. We used two curved steel trusses to build the bridge, and weaved an almost transparent net with steel wire mesh.

Beijing, China

Project implementation year

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Applicant and authors of the project
Atelier ZZ.
Atelier ZZ (in chinese means On-Construction Architecture Studio) was founded in Beijing by Zhang Bo and Zhang Qingfan.We have been exploring the integration of Chinese courtyards and gardens into the design of modern architecture. In the practice of transforming traditional materials and space into modern space, we have accumulated some experience and complete language transformation through abstract methods such as «paradigm, material, mountains, fantasy space» and specific feelings.

Other participants
Client Name: Mr Zhang.
Main Materials: Rubber wood finger joint board, perforated steel plate, steel plate, steel wire rope, glass brick, elm wood board, borer pine wood board, pebblestone-floor, terrazzo, chiseled concrete, bamboo, fossil, wind hook, butterfly hinge.
Photographer: Sun Haiting, Atelier ZZ