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Introducing 'Homegeria': A visionary housing project rooted in the profound emotional and anthropological significance of 'home'. Designed for populations affected by violence in North-East Nigeria, it transcends mere shelter, embodying the essence of belonging and identity. With innovative features like a protective lightweight screen and strategically placed courtyards for passive cooling, this project offers sustainable, cost-effective, and culturally sensitive solutions. By harnessing locally sourced materials, 'Homegeria' not only reduces environmental impact but also empowers the community through skill development, promoting ecological responsibility and cultural belonging. Experience a transformative approach to housing that redefines the meaning of 'home', providing comfort, resilience and a sense of belonging for communities in Africa.

Adamawa, Nigeria

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Bassel Omara & Haridas Narvekar.
Omara is a multi-award-winning architect, designer, and artist with a humanitarian vision who has won numerous accolades and honours domestically and internationally. His name has become synonymous with many of the region’s most successful architectural projects, ranking him 7th on the Creative 30 Powerlist 2021 by Design Middle East. With over 14 years of global experience, Omara has a proven track record of success in the public and private sectors on various projects.

Author of the project
Bassel Omara & Haridas Narvekar

International Organization for Migration (IOM)

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Conceptual design