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The CINCO house is located 45 minutes from the city of Ayacucho, near the Muyurina valley, it was designed as a weekend refuge that allows the family to live in contact with nature, perceive the sun, wind, rain. All circulation was done outdoors, generating connections between the 5 prismatic volumes, the house is gradually discovered as we enter through narrow paths that give us the feeling of being in an old town.

Ayacucho — Huamanga, Peru

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Paolo Rossi Contreras Zea
My name is Paolo Rossi Contreras Zea, I am an architect by profession in the city of Ayacucho Huamanga, in the country of Peru, through some colleagues I was able to find out about the Golden Trezzini awards and they encouraged me to participate, with a project that I dedicated a lot to. time and was worked for a private client.

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Paolo Rossi Contreras Zea

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