House for Humans and a Tree

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Envisioned with the intention to create a space that is close to nature, the house has a strong visual as well as physical connection with the environment. It is placed around an existing tree to avoid disturbing the topography of the site and create minimum impact, with the roof acting as a playful extension of the landscape.
The design compliments the surroundings and hence at the same time provides a contemporary feel to the whole structure. Symbolically, the house tries to provide shelter, security, privacy, and connection to the environment that the trees provide.
The wooden modulating roof, which is topped off by a tree, provides a space for many recreational purposes. The wooden screen doors create a sense of privacy when closed, and gives a visual connection with the exterior environment when opened.

Dobrava, Slovenia

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Applicants and authors of the project
Young architects based in New Delhi, Dhruv Shah, and Sneha Dhanuka have prior experiences of working in internationally acclaimed architecture offices, which include Studio Lotus, New Delhi and MPN and Partners, Hanoi. Their key interest areas in architecture lie in radical concepts, and a sustainable approach for building systems.