Best Implemented Project of Private Residence

About the project
Architectural design processes are currently strongly influenced and characterized by the use of 3D modeling and computer-aided manufacturing tools, which has facilitated the exploration of a new series of formal, functional and structural configurations whose impact within current architecture it is invaluable. House K explores the possibilities of configuring a brick created specifically for this house. The interesting thing about this design is the use of a traditional material such as brick in conjunction with advanced software such as Rhino, for digital design and planning and the construction, materialization or transition to the real plane, through a traditional construction system of brick walls with mortar and steel rods, without displacing the local labor force, but with some assistance from special tools such as templates, precision plans and systems verification, to achieve the final result.

Cuenca, Ecuador

Project implementation year

Extra visual materials (photos, videos etc.)

Applicant and authors of the project
Creative Union Network, boutique architectural practice specializing in new-built and major renovation projects in Canada and Ecuador: «As architects and designers we strongly belief in creating meaningful spaces which reflect client’s lifestyle and vision. Designing a livable space is deeply personal, and we work hard on making the experience purposeful and breezy.»
Architects in charge: Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla Design Team: Daniel Idrovo Vintimilla, David Bustillos, Karla Mogrovejo and María Inés Ochoa.
Structural Engineering: Ing. Alberto Vásquez.
Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Eng. Fabián Aucapiña.
Hydrosanitary Engineering: Ing. Johanna Urigüen

Other participants
Créditos Fotografía: Nicolás Provoste Fotografía
Visualizations: Daniel Villa
Landscaping: Creative Union Network
Contractors: INMETAL.C — Construcciones Metálicas, NEOALUVID, HIDRO servicios, NN Carpinteros, Gabriela Sotillet, IMPTEK — Chova.
Collaborators in Work: Richard Villacorta, Simón Ruiz, Paul Alvarez, Manuel Lojano