House on the cliff, closer to the clouds

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About the project
Perhaps our idea of the main structure of a house is that its outer walls should not have any damage or stains but if this house is located in a rough nature, we may be able to dispel this notion.
Do you think it is possible to build a forest house in a desert? Yes it is possible but this house will not be compatible with the desert environment. Of course, this is my impression. Others may have different opinions.
I got myself into a challenge. I had to design a volume combination that was compatible with the rough nature and the exterior of the building should be in line with the environment.
I acted very simply. Since we had a good view of nature in four directions of geography, we tried to consider this factor. I simply utilized four boxes.
To match the volume of the building with the harsh nature, I tried to create fractures in the outer shell of the building. I also combined the building with the cliff by using vertical plates.


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Applicant and author of the project
Mojtaba Pourtahmasbi