Huangjiu Wine Cultural Center

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About the project
The main idea of the wine cultural center is to make a relationship between the visitors and the process of making the best wines in the world; so what is better than a design that represents this process?
The concept is inspired by grapes and aging wine vats. Different types of grapes that are being used to make wine, have different shapes, sizes, and colors. Also, the ancient vats that were being used in the aging process, were egg-shaped, either. On the other side, the grapes are shiny or matt in finish, but colorful, and the ancient vats were made of clay. Although in architecture, it is hard to use the same materials, the contrast in different shapes and the materials are representing the wine-making process, while it is modern in shape and material.
As a center of Chinese wine culture, Huangjiu, as a landscape and urban landmark in the geographical area of Hebei Province, China, will be a turning point and a new beginning for visual and beauty flourishing.

Huangjiu, China 

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Applicants and authors of the project
Pedram Abedini Arabani, Masoud Safari, Hossein Mohammadpour.
Pedram Abedini Arabani is studying sustainable architecture and landscape design at Politecnico di Milano and also interested in designing zero-emission buildings and also project management, he worked as an architect in architectural consultancy which was working on the projects such as hospital, cinema, hotel, and residential buildings.