Hydrotherapy complex

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
In the process of responding to the problem of the water treatment complex design project by examining the climatic conditions of Lake Urmia, one of the main problems of dryness and lack of water in the lake is the reduction of water flow in the lake.
The design of the hydrotherapy complex is inspired by the flow of water, the hope for life, and this flow is next to the salt of the lake, which causes the connection and closeness of the gap and the land. This factor is directly related to sustainable architecture, and the role of nature becomes colorful. And maintaining the valuation in this field will have significant effects, to solve the problem, much emphasis will be placed on the dryness and the dried veins of the lake, creating a water flow that will be a model in history and for future generations to try to save energy and preserve the second gold of the earth. and be diligent in maintaining it.

Lake Urmia, Iran

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Arash Adldoust, student of Urmia University

Status of the project
Conceptual design


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