Hyperloop Desert Campus

Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project
From ground up, the new Hyperloop Dessert Campus rises over the desert landscape as a landmark that stares into the future. The rising movement of the rooftop allows the building to shelter the multiple facilities of the Hyperloop Headquarters.
The project unfolds the dry desert ground to create a shaded space, which is also protected from the area's harsh weather. To do so, it uses several bio-climate strategies that work sustainably with the surroundings, making the campus as eco-friendly as possible. Taking advantage of the level changes to lower temperatures during the day, and keeping it during the night, the overall energy spent is kept to the minimum. Furthermore, the building is equipped with a wide surface of solar panels, that supplies electricity to the building.

Mojave desert, a few kilometers away from Las Vegas, Nevada, the USA

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Additional information
The project was part of the Hyperloop Desert Campus Competition, by Young Architects Competitions. It received the Finalist Mention.

Applicants and authors of the project
Santiago Dominguez, Fabiola Dos Ramos, Juan Delgado, Reylibis Blanco, Cesar Barbaran.
A group of enthusiast young architects from Caracas, Venezuela, looking forward to investigate, discover and innovate on the field of architecture and construction.