Iceland Lake Mývatn Community house

Best Project of Building or Facility by Student

About the project
The community house at Mytvatn lake in Iceland is designed with special care to the unique natural environment, and also utilized the circular economy guidelines. The building is divided into two parts with a linear courtyard garden, protected from the wind.
Stained glass windows ensure a visual connection of the courtyard and the interiors. Block 1 comprises all the public premises like the restaurant, the meeting hall, the pottery studio, the children workshop room, the church etc. Block 2 houses the fire depot, the office rooms, and sharing post, and the greenhouses.
The flat roof is designed as a sight-seeing platform.

Myvatn Lake, Iceland

Project design year

Applicants and author of the project
Vasilina Belkova, Danil Vlasov, 4th year students, Samara State Technical University