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IMPACT is the word that best describes this project, both in terms of architecture and function. The inspiration for this project is the collision between Earth and space objects. These strokes create craters, so a Dome is placed inside a crater to symbolize the IMPACT. In terms of function, this object tends to have this IMPACT on humans, how important the maintenance of our planet is. Inside the Dome are located a house and a garden, as two of the most basic units of normal life development, this is done to make people aware that even if we find life somewhere else, it will never be the same as life on planet Earth. Eventually, when humans get out of this structure they will wonder if it is worth continuing to destroy the Earth, in the hope that we will find another planet. Or to preserve what we already have for sure.


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Genc Blakaj, from Kosovo, is an accomplished architect with a master’s degree in architecture earned at the University of Pristina. Over the initial years of his professional journey, Genc has actively participated in a diverse array of architectural projects and has garnered recognition through success in various international competitions. He is the co-founder of the architectural studio Co-Do Team. Genc's life purpose revolves around contributing to the betterment of humanity.

Author of the project
Genc Blakaj

Status of the project
Conceptual design