(Im) Permanence Project

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About the project
One of the biggest problems in contemporary architecture is the lack of adaptability to the future; which gives rise to the (Im) Permanence Project, a design of single-family homes complex. Nowadays, technology is innovative and constantly updated to achieve ambitious and sustainable goals, so urban buildings shouldn't be left behind. As less adaptability entails a higher energy expenditure (therefore economic) which affects the quality of daily life, our proposal adapts to the future and its new uses, with a programmatic division proportional to the height in terms of their privacy. With a permanent main structure, the enclosures are prefabricated temporary wooden panels according to functionality. They can be accumulated and classified in sectors of wet services, served spaces and expansions following the availability around them. By densifying itself with planned extensions, its Real Estate production connects the present with the future of the community's changing (Im) permanent life.

Belgrano neighborhood, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Revista Pliego publication
DSM Awards 2021 by Design Studio Mag, 1st Award in the Students Category

Applicants and authors of the project 
Paula Karina Jait and Zoel Herman are currently students of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires (FADU, UBA) and interprovincial and international freelancers. Paula & Zoel are very interested in globalization and learning about new cultures. They believe that every experience is an opportunity to improve and create a positive impact, while they are always willing to acquire new growth possibilities linked to Architecture.

Other participants
Mentoring by Juan Micieli & Gabriel Mosquera
Made for Architecture II Chair Diéguez, FADU, UBA (Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina).
December 2020