IN.FINITE People's Creative Centre

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About the project
IN. FINITE Is a conceptual mixed-use facility for general creators in Indonesia. Its purpose is to inspire the general public to create and innovate new things in the era of globalization 4.0. The facility serves as a platform both for new creators and experienced creators to meet and inspire each other with ideas, and eventually create something new together. IN.FINITE contains a discussion space for the general public, that has been conditioned to act as a third place for a more relaxed ambience while doing a discussion. It also contains a public library and a simple Makerspace next to the discussion space so every user would inspire each other. IN.FINITE also provides indoor and outdoor exhibition space that serves as a launching platform for the creator's final creations.

Jl. R. A. Kartini, Cilandak, Jakarta, Indonesia

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Applicant and author of the project
Guntur Danurain Akbar.
th Semester Undergraduate Student of Architecture that is interested in improving human quality of life through architecture. A critical thinker that tries to solve current social and environmental issues by taking part as an architect.