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Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
Habitat is an ecology and include many interrelated functions in the physical and the social environment. It is conceived as a place for various institutions to interact with individuals and each other in order to bring about harmony and increase efficiency of the place.
Our proposal is of a Co-working community in an International Centre which not only acts as a strong cultural community but it also backs up for the stakeholder involved. The stakeholders involved in this project are developers, operator and working professionals. The idea is to strengthen the workflow and operation of spaces in an
institutional/cultural building so that the working professionals can increase efficiency and collaborate with each other under the single roof. The one key component that exist in this project apart from sustainability is the user centered design approach with better communication and collaboration between spaces.

Shahdara, Delhi, India

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Applicant and author of the project
Kartik Chanana, student of Amity school of Architecture and Planning, Noida and graduating in 2020. «I have a very focused vision of contributing to the society in terms of problem solving through architecture. Working towards this dream, we have formulated a design studio in 2020 where we are focusing on designing through collaborating with leading young professionals of the country.»