Infinity Chalet

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
This project, called «Infinity Chalet», placed in the Val Badia Alps for an American client, active in avionics research, was born with the precise stylistic indication of a conscious break with traditional Alpine models.
The building body, while crowned by a classic pitched roof, actually features a dynamic and restless composition of floor planes dramatically leaning outward, a spatial composition that prefigures a kind of compositional deflagration
searching for a meeting point between the stability of the building body and the movement of the interior floors.
The building is placed in a high mountain environment, has seven interior levels, and is completely energy self-sufficient.
Construction is scheduled to begin in 2024.

San Cassiano, South Tyrol, Italy

Project design year

blueARCH is the architecture studio of Alessandro Costanzia and Alberto Montesi, active since its foundation in housing issues, with projects in Italy and abroad, in Spain, Canada and recently in Florida, of individual villas and building complexes in areas of particular environmental and urban value. We create innovative, creative and energy sustainable architectural spaces. The studio’s design is timeless and inspired by contemporary and future development.

Author of the project
blueARCH Alessandro Costanzia di Costigliole, Alberto Montesi, Andrea Bizzozero, Giuseppe Curzi, Francesca Favretto, Evelyn Mercuri, Vleria Docile

Status of the project
Conceptual design