Intervenciones Urbanas Parque Nacional

Best Landscape Architecture Project

About the project
The National Park is an emblematic park located in the Carmen district in the city of San José. It is located between avenues 1 and 3 and between streets 15 and 19. It is one of the most popular public spaces of the capital. Its construction took place between the years from 1851 to 1990. This project seeks to give a contribution to this socio-cultural space in the city of San José through the intervention of an architectural-landscape project that seeks, to reinforce the public space through an integral program of the property. The Intention is to co-create spaces that promote cultural information of our capital (San José), through an interactive program that consider giving an economic & cultural contribution. As well as giving a most relevant character to the “Monumento Nacional” currently goes unnoticed by many visitors, and to the other monuments on the site, welcome the surrounding buildings through specific interventions to be able to give that unification of the urban landscape.

Parque Nacional, San José, Costa Rica

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
OVA. Arquitectura & Construcción.
OVA (One Vision Architecture), is an architecture studio created in 2019, with the purpose of developing architectural concepts and projects through a process in conjunction with the client, to achieve a better result and solutions for any project regardless of its scale.
Architects Marco A. Vega Marenco & Daniela Saborío Corrales, from OVA. Arquitectura & Construcción.