Ishatvam 9

Best Constructed Premium or Business Class Residential Estate

About the project
Situated in Ranchi, Ishatvam 9 is a residential building on a small plot of 1800 sqm. Most of this city has existed with low rise development. The last few years have witnessed rapid urbanization & in response to this the governing rules have been changed to allow 50m height & buildable area 3 times the plot size. Most of the city’s inhabitants have been used to living in individual houses with private gardens & open spaces. Therefore, the apartments in Ishatvam 9 have been designed to occupy a complete floor with each room extending into 20’ feet high, double height decks.
Temperatures in Ranchi vary from 31⁰C average in the summer months & 12⁰C in the winter months. The extended decks for each room shelter the internal spaces from the excessive heat in the summer while becoming landscaped outdoor extensions to the rooms.
The apartments are designed with minimal internal circulation spaces with a large living dining area located centrally from which all the rooms are accessed.

Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

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Applicant and authors of the project
Sanjay Puri Architects are listed in the top 100 architects worldwide by Archdaily. The firm founded in 1992 has won 150 international architecture awards: 6 Chicago Athenaeum Awards, 10 WAF Awards, 31 World Architecture Comm UK Awards, the LEAF , 9 Architizer Awards, 5 Hospitality Design Awards, 14 MIPIM Awards and more.
With a firm strength of 72 evolving design solutions that are contextual and creating spaces that revolutionize the way they are experienced form the essence of the design.

Other participants
Client – Mr. Rohit Modi
Contractors – Mr. Salim
Structural consultant – Sarjan Consultants
Landscape design – Sanjay Puri Architects