Island woodwork showroom

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
Senzhong Wood Works, a local originated brand in Zhengzhou recognized by numerous customers, has been well-known for its customized wooden household design. With years of professional experience accumulating by extraordinary works, Senzhong Wood Works seeks innovation.
By studies we see the homogeneous tendency of high-end customized market: various brands with similar store images, and same products without any ingenuity. As designers all know, customized design composes the client’s household space. It’s the foundation of our designing concept. We focus not only on space design that would perfectly be adapted to products in it, but also our differences from other competitors.
The craft and details of our wood works can talk themselves. To touch more potential customers, our woodwork showroom faces residential customers directly. 

No.1003, Building C, Shangdu World Trade Center, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou

Project implementation year

323 STUDIO aims to help a group of clients with a forward-looking vision who want to make experimental changes and reshape their living environment, and to provide professional technical guidance. We respect the originality of the project, its local character, and respond in dialogue with it. We search for a pure and streamlined design language and are committed to creating the unique characteristics of each project. We adhere to a design model of innovation and technology paralleled.

Author of the project
Fei Zhao

Status of the project