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Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
Inspired by the unique urban-versus-nature scenes surrounding the project, the design seeks to bring the unique juxtaposition outside-in and inside-out. A feature wall constructed by undulating metal and tinted mirror panels extends the mountain line and reflects the exterior views. Decorative capsule lights echo the city lights at night to create an immersive starry effect. A hidden door at the feature wall marks the transition from public to private realm within the project. Playful and creative layout offers private realm maximum flexibility and efficiency while preserving privacy and circulation continuity. Wall washers and alcove lights are incorporated to create a celestial visual effect that makes the ceilings appear to be much higher.
The project sets forth another example of how design can further enhance pleasant site conditions and turn site limitations around into appreciable spatial elements.

Hong Kong

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Applicant and authors of the project
«Based in New York and Hong Kong, our trans-disciplinary works span the fields of digital media, product, art installation, interior, architectural, landscape, and urban design. Our playful design approach allows us to explore various interactive mechanisms between both analog and digital worlds. We are interested in transforming ordinary objects, scenes, and settings into something fun and intriguing. Our motto is 'nothing is static, everything is responsive.»
Team: Sanny Ng, Iris Lee, Liyu Xue