Jaali House

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
Jaali House sitting on a mountain has been designed with the climatic and modern aspects of architecture. It encompasses 5 bedrooms, guest bedroom, double height hall, family room, master kitchen & dining room and utility areas enveloped around a large triple height central atrium where every living space and bedrooms are naturally lit with interlocked cross ventilation.
The house is designed linearly in order to achieve maximum natural cross ventilation with every part of the house to be naturally lit. Semi open balcony on the external face of the building reduces the heat gain into the house and creates a transition space between the indoor and the outdoors spaces. Large clay jaali screens, solar panels, wind towers have been incorporated in response to climate and sustainable approach.

Sanawad, Madhyapradesh, India

Project design year

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Applicant and authors of the project
CARVE ARCHITECTS, INDIA. Co-founders Ar. Keshav Rathi & Ar. Harshita Chowdhary.
Categorizing extensive range of projects including residential buildings, townships, software parks, commercial centers, retail malls, hotels, health and entertainment centers, thr firm strongly believes in carving new dimensions through research & exploration.

Other participants
Client — Mr. Prafull Jain, Mr. Sarthak and Onil Jain
Structure consultant — Naveen Chowdhary
Civil Contractor — Mr. Suresh thekedar, Mr. Banvari, Mr. Mohit
Plumbing Contractor — Mr. Prabhat
Electrical Conractor — Mr. Purushottam Goswani