Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

About the project
The small space was previously defined by exposed concrete structure and large glazed surfaces facing both streets of the block on a first floor.
We began by characterizing the social area, the heart of this project, through a square piece located in the middle of the space: an island. We chose to unify the kitchen space and the eating activity in the same 35-inch-high piece of furniture in front of the pre-existing smooth concrete counter. It contains the oven, storage room, shelves, and a quartz top that extend over two of its sides as a table admitting four stools below and its seated users. Hidden electrical outlets were raised so that during the day it could be used as a work space. The area is complemented by a floating shelf in black sheet metal that functions as a support for books and a coffee maker. This way, the kitchen extends from wall to wall practically without being perceived by the sight, through breaking down each functional element in a designed piece of furniture.

Ituzaingo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Estudio Morton arquitectura y paisaje: «We are an architecture and landscape studio headed by architects Diorella Fortunati and Nuria Jover based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We are interested in the transformation of the cities we inhabit through the architecture we create regardless of its scale and particular commission. Every work is a study case, an opportunity to reflect and a space to understand the material nature and express ourselves through it.»

Author of the project
Estudio Morton Arquitectura y Paisaje

Diorella Fortunati

Other participants
Construction Site Management: Arch. Diorella Fortunati
Collaborators: arch. Nuria Jover, arch. Daiana Ferreira
Logistics: Marisa Caudi
Photography: Federico Kulekdjian and Matias Godec

Status of the project