Javidi dental office

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project (provided by the applicant)
The combination of colors fosters habitability, growth and inner emotions in humans. The work that we have put as the main pillar in the initial encounter with this project, taking into account the prioritization of the user in this space, a persistent and at the same time static characteristic will be formed, a feature that cannot be seen in the previous state and use of the space. 
A commercial unit with an area of 58 square meters in a 5-story building, which is typical for a doctor's building, has two rooms and a living room with bathroom facilities and a small kitchen. One of our most important challenges was the obstacles of the inner shell of the space, which was formed with 40 x 40 columns and similar dimensions in the design of such uses with a therapeutic category, apart from the fact that specialized equipment should be created, circulation according to the use. 

Golsar, Rasht, Iran

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Roshan architecture group

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Roshan architecture group

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