Jazz School & Club in Porto

Best Project of Public Space by Student

About the project
In the historic center of Porto, halfway between the Cathedral and the Sao Bento Station, rises the proposal to create a project in which music and its most special genres: the jazz, find a space in which to flow freely. Being aware of the massiveness and monumental presence of the current rock, and its human origin; our idea aims to consolidate that stereotomic image through an intervention capable of simplifying its multiple edges, formed by uncontrolled accumulation of urban remains. As if it were a sculpture, the project chisels the stone mass until it reveals a pure volume, cleanly sculpted in granite.
This desire of creating a new large rock, converge in a project of two intrinsically connected dimensions: a large base that houses the Auditorium and the Club, and an upper volume where the School develops its academic activity. Two spaces vertebrated by a central courtyard and a vertical lobby.

Avenida da Ponte, Porto, Portugal

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Applicants and authors of the project
Juan Teixeira and Álvaro López: «We are both currently students of the master's degree in architecture at the University of Navarra, in Spain. Very focused on architectural design at all levels, from a permanente attention on the construction, structures, and facilities design as well as its maximum adaptation to the environment from a creative, realistic and sustainable perspective.»