Judicial Morgue of Panama

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About the project
The building that weeps. This morgue not only examines bodies, but also candles. It is divided into crime labs, autopsy, auditorium and administrative areas. The concept arises from the open central core where the water falls in the rainy season. The areas are distributed parallel to this axis, with a subtle integration of the exterior and lighting in all living spaces. The plastic emerges as the shape of a fragmented diamond. The landscape design is present in the area, taking advantage of the corner to generate a cafeteria and at the other end a mirror of water, generating attraction in an institutional building of this typology.

Santa Elena, Panama

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Applicant and author of the project
Ebdulber Jimenez Davidson.
Architecture and design student at the University of Panama. 24 years old, currently doing his final degree project. «Photography has always been my passion, the approach, the perspective has worked for me to better express my personality in each design project. Altruistic architecture has always been my direction to follow: everyone has the right to quality housing.»