Jumunuco 22

Best Project of Private Residence

About the project
The residence is located in extremely sloped terrain, in the middle of the dense subtropical humid forest in the town of Jumunuco, Jarabacoa. As you approach the house, two stone masses frame the pedestrian entrance bridge, thus marking the passage from the public to the intimate. Immediately upon entry, the user faces the large central atrium, distinguished by an endemic pine tree. The house functions as a 360-degree terrace that revolves around an interior garden, most of the walls have the ability to retract and leave the house open to the dense forest that surrounds it. The modest lines of the architecture evoke the calm of the present forest, thus giving it all the prominence.

Jumunuco, Jarabacoa, la Vega Province, Dominican Republic

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Applicant and authors of the project
A20 Arquitectos.
Santo Domingo-based firm specialized in architectural design, founded in 2018 by Luis Sabater and Fernando Salcedo. Our projects cover different scales and typologies, providing basic and advanced architecture services.
We are committed to excellence in design, experimentation, and critical thinking, approaching the projects with an open mind to the potential offered by each context; responding considerately to your specific conditions.

Other participants
Owners: Henry Rivas y Mariel Ramos
Landscape: Massiel Mejía Arquitectura y Paisaje
Structural Engineer: Eisen Ingenieros Estructurales
MEP: SEMS and Miguel Abreu