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Best Implemented Apartment / Private House Interior Design Project

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K Home is a picturesque two-bedroom apartment, spanning 1000 square feet. It offers a breathtaking sea view to the south and a verdant mountain vista to the north. The design ingeniously magnifies the north-south view corridor, ensuring minimal disruption between the sea and mountain views. The interior mirrors the inspiring scenery, with curved ceilings and rounded corners echoing sea waves and cloud swirls. Moreover, our design tackles the challenge of irregular spaces with a curved fur-out wall. This multifunctional feature incorporates a shoe cabinet, ample storage, and a stylish dining bench. This dynamic layout ensures maximum daylight in each room, promotes natural ventilation, and fosters a cooler indoor atmosphere, consequently reducing energy expenditure.

Island South, Hong Kong

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1OCUBE. Based in New York and Hong Kong, our trans-disciplinary works span the fields of digital media, product, art installation, interior, architectural, landscape, and urban design. Our playful design approach allows us to explore various interactive mechanisms between both analog and digital worlds. We are interested in transforming ordinary objects, scenes, and settings into something fun and intriguing. Our motto is 'nothing is static, everything is responsive.'

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Contractors: Na. Creator
Photographers: Sanny Ng, Marvin Cheung

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