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Villa Kaffé» Inspired by Colombian coffee, recognized worldwide for its delicacy and aroma, the idea of this villa was born. This conception starts from the seed in its origin, transforming itself into an embryo and finally into a coffee plant. Therefore, the shape of the villa is gestated from the Pachamama (Mother Earth), adapting and merging with its natural surroundings.
Both the roof and the structure of the villa are built with reinforced steel and recycled concrete, giving it a natural and rustic finish. The windows, composed of curved aluminum frames, along with the glass, are designed to filter direct sunlight into the interior of the space and allow for visual landscaping.
The interior of the villa is composed of a master bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and bathrooms all fused with ample and futuristic spaces, culminating in a large central water fountain that simulates a coffee spout, flowing into a pool that offers spectacular views of the sea.

Barú Island, Bolivar, Colombia

Project design year

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Architect Freider Yamid Vargas Plazas, professional architect, expert in three-dimensional visualization, architectural and interior design.

Author of the project
Architect Freider Yamid Vargas Plazas

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Conceptual design

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