Cable workshop with a water tower of the Krasny Gvozdilshchik Factory – restoration and
readjustment for modern use

Best Implemented Restoration Project

About the project
The cable workshop with a water tower built in 1930 in the premises of the Krasny Gvozdilshchik (Red Nailer) Factory in St. Petersburg to the design made by Yakov Chernikhov is a perfect example of Constructivism and a genuine masterpiece of industrial architecture. The composition features a contrast of the extensive low workshop and the corner dominant of the water tower. The system of metal trusses and lateral skylights shape the looks of the upper levels and the roof.

The facility was readjusted to become a business center with an inner atrium, covering offices at Levels 1 to 3.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Project implementation year

Setl Group 

Authors of the project
Kant, Setl Group

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