Kanisa Smart Town residential complex

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
The international and touristic city of Kanisa has been designed on a land of 423,000 square meters, in the east of Khorramabad city, on a 60-meter boulevard and on the slope of Makhmalkoh, and the implementation of this huge project will begin soon. The most important reason for building this new city in the heart of the beautiful city of Khorramabad is to use its tourism and commercial potentials and then create an attractive place with modern facilities for living and working based on natural sustainability and a smart and creative city. To participate in this competition, we have presented the residential part of the town. The indicators of this complex are the use of micro-cement facade, the use of gray water, photovoltaic cells and the use of smart protocols for the whole town.

Khoramabad, Lorestan, Iran

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Seyed Reza Razzaz: «I am an innovative architect, augmented architect and metaverse architect. I have a history of designing and implementing more than 50 thousand square meters of buildings.»

Authors of the project
Architect Seyed Reza Razzaz
Structural engineer Ali Bahavar
BIM modeler Hossein Hajarian
Mechanical and electrical installations of Alfa Group

Rayan Holding

Status of the project
Working drawings