Kavir Showroom

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Third-generation businesses are taking shape. This third generation of traders is not unique to the old market concept. Definition of commercial spaces and showcases in urban connection axes are the most important main form of markets. The main goal and value of this generation of businessmen are to connect more to the city. In this project, changing the definition of showcase to galleries for displaying and selling shoes has been one of the main strategies of this design. The narrow width of the site led us to increase the depth of the city's influence and bring the city into the project. The definition of café space on the same level as the city plays an important role in redefining small-scale urban space in the design. the idea of design is formed from the duality of creating spaces between commercial architecture and museums. The project spaces consist of interlocking floors and half-floors, which are connected by five vertical boxes and various stairs in different places.

Alibaf St., Qom, Iran

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Mohsen Marizad is a licensed architect in Iran and a part-time instructor at San Jose State University in California. His experience in architecture includes working in west-coast America and Iran. He taught architecture in many countries such as the USA, China, Iran, Spain, and Romania. He founded Marizad Architects in 2020 in Iran.
Marizad Architects is an architecture firm based in Iran. They designed and built several projects on different scales. They have won numerous international awards.
Design Team: Mohsen Marizad, Tannaz Karimi, Ahmad Masoudzadeh, Negar Khashe, Ghazal Khosravi, Mahsa Soltanpour

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Visualization: Peno Visualization

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