Serviced apartments on the right bank of the Kazanka River

Best Project of Residential Estate

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The masterplan occupies a unique site between Sibgat Hakim st. and Kazanka river. The goal of the project is to maximise urban and architectural diversity as well as spatial flexibility, and forming a pedestrian-friendly zone in order to form a new landmark for the city. Our site is right next to Kazanka river and provides visual accessibility (though limited) to the other landmarks around such as the Kremlin, Kremlin Dam, Millennium Bridge, Extreme Park, Kazan Family Center, etc. So what should our project’s characteristics be to fit into this area? There already is so much to see or watch, do we need something new to watch? What if our project could represent and emphasize the other already existing? Or could it do both?

Sibgat Khakim St, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

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Applicant and authors of the project
Swap office.
«We are a group of architects led by Farnaz Manzour & Mehdi Taheri. Our studio is located in Tehran. In Swap, we discover, we experiment, we learn, we try to solve problems, and we try to get better. We work on architectural projects, competitions, and product design. We have won a couple of competitions since we started such as 'Port of cultures» in Mariupol, Ukraine. We also won 2A awards 2020 for the best future project."