Best Project of Public Space by a Student

About the project
HOL.M is a miniature model of the village of Lokh; its goal is to familiarize children with the history of Lokh through games and legends. The village stretches between two mountain ranges along the Sokolka River. Therefore, Kudeyarova and Marunova mountains became prototypes for the slide and the climbing wall. The water wheel is located on the site of a real historical wheel. The sandbox “contains” buried treasures of Kudeyar, a legendary folk hero. The Guard Pine with a windsock at the top indicates the place for fun and games. HOL.M is an adjustable and flexible composition using natural wood as its main building material.

Sadovaya Street, Lokh village, the Saratov Region, Russia

Project design year

Project video

Applicant and authors of the project
Olga Nazarova, 5th year student at Yury Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov