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About the project
Due to the location of the land, the design of the building different from the architecture of the current area was on our agenda. In this project, we have tried to use green space by creating full and empty spaces and adjacent private terraces. Our goal in this project was to design a green wall between the city passage and the interior of the project in a crowded space.
Creating sustainable green space in exterior architecture and its relationship with interior space was our main goal in designing this residential building.

Azod street/Dastori alley, Arak, Iran

Project design year

Applicant and authors of the project
Sina Eghtesadi Architecture Studio: Sina Eghtesadi and Ahmad Reza Hassani

Other participants
Project executive management: Peyman Abdi
Rendering: Ahmadreza Hassani
Mechanics and Electrical: Hamed Shakori

Status of the project
Under construction

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