Kilicarslan villa II and excavation site «PINHAN»

Best Architectural Design for Museum

About the project
Keeping the surviving parts of the Kilicarslan Villa II alive by preserving the present day within the scope of the Venice Charter is keeping the spirit of the region alive as well as today's understanding of protection. Therefore, first of all, design decisions were taken to protect the existing parts of the design and not to make any interventions. For this reason, an air permeable cover, adaptable to climatic conditions and controlling natural light, has been designed to protect the residue. An approach has been taken to ensure that the designed cover does not cut the visual connection of the historical environment and the ruins, and does not compete with historical buildings. With the designed cover, it was desired to highlight and protect the Kilicarslan villa by hiding it. Detailed research has been made for the building material of the cover, and it has been influenced by the formation and construction techniques of the historical buildings in the region.

Konya, Turkey

Project design year

Extra visual materials

Ömer Özeren

Authors of the project
Ömer Özeren, Mustafa Haki Eraslan, Hasan Söylemez, Edibe Begüm Özeren, Hilal Eraslan, Bahar Sultan Qurraie, Menşure Tuçe Özyurt, Nural Ünal

Konya Metropolitan Municipality

Other participants
Advisor: Bahar Sultan Qurraie
Assistant Architects: Menşure Tuçe Özyurt Nural Ünal
Static Project: İsmail Er

Status of the project
Conceptual design