Kırşehir Aeroplane and Automobile Museum

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Kırşehir Aeroplane and Automobile Museum is a dynamic complex with automobile and car components exhibition, educational installations, design centre, office, workshops laboratories, technical laboratories, conference rooms, space for special events, restaurants, retail, sales office, library, book, light, mesh, tool store in the the heart of Kırşehir. The project not only shows the car in an unusual way, but it also lets you to experience museum.

Kirsehir, Turkey

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Applicant and authors of the project
Mask Architects is a young international architecture and design firm in Istanbul,Germany and Italy with more than 5 years of expertise in the fields of priority public and cultural projects and then workspaces, mix-use projects, luxury industrial design, medical design equipment and health, education, living space, yacht and watch design as well as production and master planning across the world.The office is led by architect Öznur Pınar Çer and luxury industrial designer Danilo Petta.