Knowledge Conservatory: a place for contemplation in the park

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About the project
Our proposal envisages a retreat set within Central Park. We encourage a seamless dialogue between the green expanse of Central Park and the landscape planned within the conservatory to facilitate a year round thriving public space for the city of New York. The conservatory as a self sustaining habitat will help promote dissemination and generation of new forms of knowledge through healthy socio cultural interactions within the context or park. Interweaving internal circulation together with green spaces help provide for multiplicity of spaces to unwind, read a book, contemplate and interact against the immense landscape of Central Park.

Central Park, New York City, the USA

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Applicants and author of the project
Prof. Percy Pithawala, Ansh Shah, Preet Kotadia.
Project by Prof. Percy Pithawala, Professor at CEPT Universtiy, Ahmedabad, India. Former Academic Head at School of Environmental Design and Architecture, Navrachana University, Vadodara, India.