混合 (Kongō) Coffee Shop

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About the project
混合 (Kongō) is perceived as a fusion, the project is located in a rural area of Hachinohe, Japan. It's conceived as a symbol and identity of Japan how it's retaining culture and tradition on the fast-growing globalization. The structure eclecticism consists of a Scandinavian style building which is supported by Japanese traditional wood trusses on the ground floor.
The Kongō eclecticism means creating a new architectural style without abandoning its root and tradition, its location in the middle of the pine forest with 360-degree viewability allows the user to contemplate with natural surroundings and from outside its become an activity showcase to welcome passer-by to come in.

Hachinohe, Japan

Project design year

Project status
Conceptual design

Applicant and author of the project
Martin Adriel, architecture student from Indonesia focusing on eclectism design and research.

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