Konya Aleaddin Hill Archeological Site Arrangement

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Architectural structures evoke memories of the past, while new ones create new memories. At the heart of this tension is the Alaeddin Hill, a unifying force that collects memories. It is a generator that blends the prehistoric and cultural inventory with the natural flow of life. Memories are recalled under the protective umbrella of the conservation, in the Keykubad Mosque and in the solemn remains of the Palace of Kılıçarslan II. These remnants must continue to exist. People should be able to walk around them and suddenly become a part of them while walking on the pavement. They should blend in effortlessly and without calculation as landscape elements. Archaeological remains and historic buildings must be integrated into the natural flow of urban life as cultural landscapes. The protective system that preserves archaeological excavation sites is attached to the hillside according to its slope. Its existence is only a reminder of the hill's worn, original geometry.

Konya, Turkey

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KAAT ARCHITECTURE + URBAN is a dynamic firm that approaches every project with a commitment to functional and aesthetically pleasing designs. They use cutting-edge technology and sustainable design principles to create innovative and collaborative solutions for small-scale installations to large-scale urban development projects. The firm has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Europe40under40 Award.
Project by Sacit Arda Karaatli (KAAT); Lebriz Atan Karaatli (KAAT).

Konya Municipality

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