Apartment building in Korolev

Best Architectural Project by a Student

About the project
This low-rise residential building made of four blocks features “private houses” on the top floor, which allows to offer comfortable dwelling to those who prefer living in their own house, but for various reasons stay in the city. In addition, the house comprises a number of large standard apartments with a non-standard layout, high-quality lighting, and sunrooms.
One of the blocks is over 12,000 mm high and therefore has an elevator. The blocks are similar, but location of the “houses” on the top floors is different. Thus, there are countless options in the arrangement of the blocks in relation to each other.

Tsiolkovsky Street 23, Korolev, the Moscow Region, Russia

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Anastasia Berseneva, student of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering.