Kosatka Restaurant


Best Project of Public Building or Facility

About the project

The Kosatka (Orca) Restaurant was designed with special focus on the creatures living in the Barents Sea. The choice of the color palette was inspired by the colors of the Orca, aka killer whales.

There are black and white striped sofas in the hall, which make the interior look more elegant. Black highlights of the lamps are also a hommage to the marine theme.

The volante chandeliers were inspired by abyssal jellyfish – they give the restaurant a mysterious look. The natural wood chandelier over the bar resembles sea urchins.

All these elements match each other in appearance and look great in the interior with panoramic windows that offer a view of the wide open scenery.


Kola Peninsula, Murmansk Region, Russia

Project design year


Extra visual materials 

Applicant and authors of the project

Space Interiors, design bureau

Project status

Under construction