«La Charapa» Public Library

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About the project
The «La Charapa» Public Library pays homage to the biodiversity of Peru, with a focus on the iconic charapa turtle. It perfectly combines knowledge, reading and the natural environment.
The design captures the essence of charapa in architecture and user experience. The shape of the building reflects the silhouette of the turtle, symbolizing resilience and cultural importance. The bamboo, used for the structure and the roof, aligns with biophilic principles, connecting nature and design.
The interaction of nature and reading defines the library. Indoor green spaces, gardens, and outdoor reading areas create a sensory learning environment. This fusion enhances the user experience, showing the harmony of nature and literature.
In short, the «La Charapa» Library exemplifies the ability of architecture to embody regional identity. Beyond the function, it is a sanctuary for learning and connecting with nature, which underscores the importance of preserving knowledge and the environment.

Loreto, Iquitos, Peru

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Applicant and author of the project
Luis Santiago Rojas Colmenares: «I'm Santiago Rojas, an impassioned architect. I'm driven by crafting captivating spaces that stir emotions, ignite imagination, and engage the senses. Through experience, I've grown convinced that environments must be dynamic, coherent, evoking deep emotions, and delivering unique experiences.»

Status of the project
Conceptual design