La grande torre

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About the project
MADE IN THE WORLD. The image of a tower is a recurring motif in philosophy and culture, symbolizing everything newly erected, vistas, infinity, and power.
Big Tower — La grande Torre — Magna Turris — The Tower of silence. The Nostalgia of the Infinite. Ivory Tower. Babylon Tower.
In our project, a tower is a fusion of images – the Babylon Tower, the eternal tower of culture, the symbol of humanity’s destruction and its hope for perfect future, as well as the Ivory Tower as the symbol of escapism.
Depending on the way one chooses the tower can be perceived differently, but it also can be just a mirage. It looks rather unstable, as if it is going to collapse, making the search for a way meaningless.

ArchMoscow, Moscow, Russia

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VOX Architects, studio of conceptual public architecture, interior design, landscaping and placemaking

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