La Villa Bantou restaurant

Best Implemented Interior Design Project for Public Space

About the project
La Villa Bantou is a high-end restaurant offering its clients typical African dishes. Located in the heart of Brussels, the obvious challenge was to bring a subtle cultural touch without falling into stereotypes. The brief was to create an exclusive, unforgettable place, a real icon among Brussels’ fine dining restaurants. Some ingredients were essential for creating the perfect universe. Noble materials such as marble or gold combined with the soft and warm properties of velvet fabrics. A double-facing fireplace providing cosiness even through the rainiest of days. Bespoke wall mouldings in juxtaposition with the dominant wild wallpapers enhanced by the use of unique and stunning lighting fixtures. The Bantou touch is brought through the warm colour palette, the natural materials and the strong character of the decoration and finishes. The division into multiple very different spaces with unique atmospheres allows its guests a one of a kind experience each time they visit.

Brussels, Belgium

Project implementation year

Applicant and authors of the project
Isabel Gomez Studio is an interior design studio based in the heart of Brussels' European quarter, managed by Isabel Gomez herself. The agency specialises in residential projects but also offers professional projects such as restaurants. Having talented and creative architects and interior designers, working with quality European companies, Isabel Gomez Interiors is lucky to be able to offer unique projects. In this line, the team also makes the design of the carpets and the wallpapers.


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