Labyrinth Museum

Best Architectural Design for a Museum

About the project
The museum on the Black Sea coast will comprise three exposition halls. The first one is dedicated to the labyrinth history. The first exposition repeats the style of Notre-Dame de Chartres, which houses one of the most ancient labyrinths ever. The second hall is dedicated to various mazes and associated legends and stories. At the 1st floor, there is the third exposition space designed as a labyrinth, interior solutions of various mazes projected to its walls along with educational references. Gothic stained glass windows are projected and holographed on the outer walls of this space. The basement will have an underground labyrinth, and there will be a green maze in the back yard compensating the effect of the hot climate. The front façade will be preceded with a manmade lake and a small orchard.

Alushta, Crimea, Russia

Project design year

Applicant and author of the project
Inga Glushkina, 1st year student of Master’s Program at Vladimir Dal Lugansk State University