Lahzeh residential

Best Project of Residential or Mixed-Use Estate

About the project
This project is located in Mashhad, Iran.
It includes 6 residential floors and two basement floors.
Investment in this project was formed with a green approach in apartment houses.
The principle of this idea was formed based on the four seasons (spring-summer-autumn-winter), which is the basis of the formation of most of the old houses in Iran.
Since most of the apartment houses do not have the quality of open and semi-open spaces, we tried to overcome this defect and turn it into a strong point in the project.
Cubic and closed apartments that are built only for sleeping and providing shelter, which is not true at all, and over time, it causes mental and emotional problems for the residents.
Creating quality through communication with one of the principles of Iranian architecture, in addition to accepting the project in the surrounding environment and urban landscape, will increase the satisfaction of residents in these environments.

Naserkhosro blvd, Mashhad, Iran 

Project design year

Ali Naseri, graduate of architecture in Mashhad, Iran: «In 2022, I won the Loop Architecture Award in Portugal, and in 2021, I won the Golden Trezzini Diploma of Honor with the Green Cube Villa project and the Eden residential building.
I am a member of the jury team of the Inspireli student competition and the managing director of Avat Architecture Office. I have been working professionally in the field of architecture for about 15 years.»

Author of the project
Ali Naseri

Lahzeh group

Status of the project
Conceptual design