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About the project
Landian in Guatapé represents a bold leap into the future. Its design is inspired by the metaverse, fusing virtual reality with physical architecture. The mimicry with the environment is impressive, with structures that blend into the surrounding landscape through the use of local materials.
The implementation on the hillside is intelligently phased, minimizing environmental impact and offering panoramic views at every level. This stepped approach also encourages biophilia, connecting users to nature and creating green spaces on each level.
Landian stands as a beacon of the future of sustainable tourism, where visitors can perch in an environment that celebrates the harmony between technology, nature and architecture. This hotel redefines the hotel experience and represents a bold vision of tomorrow.

Guatapé, Colombia

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LEVEL GROUP X METAPOLIS: «We are a multi-disciplinary creative team and we seek to tell stories through our creative process.We identify the essence of each project through concepts with relationships between nature, environment and society.»
Project by Juan Manuel Zuluaga, Miguel Aguirre, Sara Hernández, Cesar Restrepo.


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