Living The Gardens

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About the project
Living The Gardens is a development of nine villas that integrates the economic vision of real estate development but also offers a housing product that gives more importance to the physical, emotional and social health of users while respecting the environment.
The project promotes healthier lifestyles, the reduction of the use of resources, economic savings and a more sustainable housing product through wellness services and bioclimatic design. To achieve this, the project implements the following strategies.
— Solar Protection: the project is protected from solar incidence with native vegetation, the volume of the building itself and wooden louvers located on the south façade, where solar incidence is more intense.
— Crossed Ventilation: the project was designed to ensure constant natural cross ventilation and minimize the use of air conditioning.
— Vegetation:  the use of native vegetation in a large percentage of the non-built-up part of the land reduces thermal sensation and insolation.

Cancun, Mexico

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Applicant and authors of the project
sanzpont [arquitectura].
Victor and Sergio Sanz Pont, twin brothers and co-founders of sanzpont [arquitectura] and their partner Alvaro Licona, are in charge of overseeing their offices located in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago. Sanzpont sees architecture as functional art that has to adapt to the site throughout BIOCLIMATIC. Their design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation, creativity, and respect for the environment.
Project by Victor y Sergio Sanz Pont, Ana Cristina Avilés, José Rodríguez, Erik Pacheco & Bernardo Ortiz.

Status of the project
Conceptual design