Living The Noom

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About the project
Living The Noom propose a new housing concept for the real estate market based on 3 main axes: Wellness Living, Sustainability and Flexible Living.
Wellness Living centers design to prevent health problems and cultivate healthier lifestyles. A healthy home must be designed following several aspects grouped in 10 main concepts: air, water, nourishment, light, movement, thermal comfort, sound, materials, mind and community.
The project achieves Sustainability by integrating bioclimatic and sustainable strategies such as rainwater harvesting, wastewater separation, biodigesters, wetland for greywater treatment, vegetation cover that creates a barrier for pollution and reduce the Heat Island effect, among others. These techniques give the project 85% of energy savings.
Flexible Living is designed with an open plan building that can be configured with multiple options according to the user's needs. This system is possible because all the facilities go the perimeter on the outside.

Cancun, Mexico

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Applicants and authors of the project
sanzpont [arquitectura] & Pedrajo + Pedrajo arquitectos
Víctor and Sergio Sanz Pont, twin brothers and co-founders of Sanzpont [arquitectura] and their partner Alvaro Licona, are in charge of overseeing their offices located in Barcelona, Cancun and Chicago. Sanzpont sees architecture as functional art that has to adapt to the site throughout BIOCLIMATIC. Their design philosophy is based on a constant search for innovation, creativity, and respect for the environment.
Pedrajo + Pedrajo Arquitectos is a sum of interdisciplinary ideologies that create disruptive design proposals in time and space.
Team members: Victor y Sergio Sanz Pont, Rubén y Adolfo Pedrajo, Ali García, Jose Miguel Cano, Eder Hernández, Valeria Gómez H, José Rodríguez, Ana Cristina Avilés, Rene Villanueva, Alejandro Vergara, Ismael Morales, Waldir Hernandez, Erik Pacheco, Allan Flores, Rodrigo Pech, Esaú Ramos, Mauricio Valenzuela, Isis Uscanga.